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Tips to become a ‘responsible’ traveler, says UNWTO


A manual campaigning for travelers to become more responsible tourists has recently been launched by the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization. The campaign came in light of tourists “behaving badly” across Europe and causing uproars among the locals.

Wanna become a better tourist? Perhaps these five tips, lifted from the UNWTO manual can help you:

  1. Honor your host and our common heritage

It is a good practice to learn the customs and traditions of the locale you’re visiting prior to your departure.

Learning a few words in the local language is a plus factor and could help you connect with the community.

Moreover, always ask before you point your camera to take photos. Their privacy matters too.

  1. Protect our planet

Be guided by the saying, “Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints.” Stop bringing home “souvenirs” that naturally occur in the places you visit.

Reduce energy and water consumption for it is scarce in other areas.

Access areas only allowed for visitors;do not purchase products made from endangered species of plants and animals. Remember:when the buying stops, the killing stops too.

  1. Support the local economy

To have the best possible engagement and experience with people and nature, hire local guides knowledgeable of the area.

Buy locally made crafts and products and refrain from buying counterfeit products.

  1. Be an informed traveller

Take time to see travel alert and medical bulletins on that region. Take appropriate health precautions such as vaccinations and learn some life skills for survival and first aid.

Find out how to access emergency services, medical facilities and your embassy or local government unit. Write down on paper the numbers of these institutions as well as the numbers of people that can be notified to able to help you.

Carefully choose tourism operators and make sure they comply with environmental and local policies.

Prior to engaging in volunteerism efforts, research well the programs, organizations and policies that may help and protect you.

  1. Be a respectful traveler

Always observe national laws and regulations and uphold human rights.

Support community projects only instead of giving money to begging individuals.

Lastly, promote positive experience by providing an honest review of your trip.