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San Miguel Corp adopts environment-friendly water use


San Miguel Corporation (SMC) furthers its sustainability drive by reducing the amount of water it uses in its operations. In line with this, SMC has recently discontinued its bottled water product “Purewater.”

“The plastic bottled water business has given us good returns,” SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon Ang said to CNN Philippines, “but we are choosing to forego it in favor of our long-term sustainability goals.”

In an earlier statement released to media, Ang said that “San Miguel is going to set an example with its responsible use and management of water.”

With their “Water for all” program launched in March 2017, SMC aims to reduce by 50 percent the company’s usage of operational water by 2025. For this, they rolled out a new integrated system on water management ensuring to become more environmentally friendly across its entire business operations.

Harvesting rain water

One measure involves minimizing water collection from underground water sources. Instead, they will harvest rain water and surface runoff water which will be collected, filtered and stored for irrigation.

Moreover, the company will also reuse and recycle the water it uses in its operations. The results of these measures will be collected and analyzed to determine the company’s environmental footprint and further conservation solutions and efficiency.

Aside from this, their newer facilities such as Petron RMP-2 refinery plant in Limay, Bataan has been outfitted with a state-of-the-art desalination technology, which transforms salt water into consumable water.

As for their “Purewater” brand reaching the end of the line, SMC will instead invest in filtration technology which the company will deploy to benefit people who lack access to safe drinking water during calamities.