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Kickbox your way to health with Muay Thai


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Who says losing those extra pounds before Christmas is a tough peak to overcome? Exercise doesn’t always have to be tedious, repetitive and boring. Biagtan Muay Thai gym in Dasmarinas Cavite offers a way for people to get fit while having fun through martial arts.

Muay Thai is the traditional kickboxing martial arts of Thailand that emphasizes the use of the eight “limbs”—the fists, elbows, shins and knees.

Maestro Raysaldo Biagtan has been practicing Muay Thai since the age of 19, when he won his first Championship Trophy in the Philippine Kickboxing Organization (PKBO). Since then he has travelled to different regions of the world, competing in various martial arts competitions and expanding his martial arts knowledge by studying different martial art forms.

Today he imparts the knowledge and wisdom he gained through martial arts at his “T Rex Gym” in Malaysia and the Biagtan Muay Thai Gym in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

The Biagtan Muay Thai Gym is located at West Wind Market Plaza, Villa Isabel Village, Mangubat Ave., Dasmarinas-Cavite.