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job_careers is a website that focuses on good news and positive stories about life in south Metro Manila, CALABARZON region and beyond. If you’re a writer and would like to contribute to us, we accept articles that have the following qualities:

  • They GUIDE (Guide, Uplift, Inform, Delight, and Enlighten—not necessarily in this order, of course) our readers;
  • They are original works (we are allergic to plagiarists!) and must not have been previously published online;
  • They are lightly written (with easy-to-understand vocabulary and, as much as possible, in short sentences);
  • They are relevant and interesting to our readers (generally, Filipinos in and out of the country, and, specifically, those living in CALABARZON).

They can be in the form of personal essays, tips and DIYs, timely and interesting news, reviews and critiques, blogs, photo diaries, and even artworks and comic strips. Submitted articles must be 750-900 words—although if you wrote it so well, we can be lenient about this.

Topics that are of interest to us include:

  • CALABARZON life and culture (including tourism events, food, art and music)
  • CALABARZON history, historical sites and personages
  • Education
  • Health, wellness and relationship tips
  • Technology and gadgets
  • Environment preservation and sustainability
  • Business, money, career enhancement and work advancement tips
  • Spirituality, religious rituals, traditional beliefs and practices
  • Personalities (famous and not-so-famous) who have extraordinary achievements
  • Anything “new” that could be interesting to our readers.

We don’t offer payment for contributed stories. But if your submissions make it on our website, we will promote them on our social media feeds.

Send via email complete, unpublished articles only, intended strictly for New Dasma to the Editor at Please include your contact information (cellphone number, at least) and a brief description of yourself.

Submissions are reviewed approximately once a week, and the process is selective. We may not be able to respond to all submissions right away, but if you don’t receive a response within two weeks of submitting, it is safe to assume that your piece was not selected for publication. Following up will not speed our review or improve the likelihood of a story’s acceptance. We’re unable to give feedback about why a submission may not have been selected for publication.

If we like your work and decide to publish it, please keep in mind the following:

  • All articles are subject to editing for style, tone, or substance.
  • Headlines and subheads are subject to change.
  • Links may be added for context.
  • Art/graphics may be added at the discretion of New Dasma

New Dasma requests that contributed articles remain exclusive to our site for a period of time (upon discussion), after which time they may be reprinted in part or full on other sites, with a link back to the original article on New Dasma.

Contributed articles run online; the print edition is almost exclusively written by staff or professional journalists who contribute regularly to the magazine.